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Sunk Cost Fallacy & Diving into the Deep End

Episode Summary

Rachel Olney is a Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Ph.DCandidate and the founder  & CEO of GEOSITE Inc. Rachel’s work has aided the military’s efforts to leverage data, commercial imagery and communications platforms to create improved intelligence products and resilient operations systems. Join us as Rachel shares how an openness to the unknown, a willingness to be uncomfortable, and jumping into opportunities can create a pathway for success.

Episode Notes

Rachel Olney is the Founder & CEO of  GEOSITE, a business intelligence software for spatial data.  As a Stanford Ph.Dgraduate candidate and a Forbes 30 under 30, she believes that the twists and turns you experience in life and how you respond to them is what defines your success. Rachel focuses on constantly challenging herself, personally and professionally, without the fear of failure and with a desire to learn, grow, and impact the world. She believes that by checking your ego at the door and jumping into the unknown you can uncover opportunities with a “beginner’s mind”. Join us as Rachel challenges us all to work and live outside our comfort zone.

Show Contributors

Joe Hart, President/CEO, Dale Carnegie & Associates
Rachel Olney, Founder & CEO of  GEOSITE

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