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Eversource Energy, a Fortune 500 company, powers New England by providing electricity, natural gas service and water service to approximately 4 million customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Eversource Energy’s HR department had an objective to prepare up-and-coming supervisors with the skills required to lead.

How They're Succeeding Now

The Eversource team distributed access to an initial set of 100 employees. They assigned the Advanced Management Certificate, a set of six Live Online leadership courses, as a recommended learning path.

Each year, another batch of new leaders has been enrolled in the Advanced Management Certificate, and the program is expanding. Recently the offering has been rolled out to the engineering team, and certain high performers from other departments.

“We have some employees not on the leadership track who have proactively opted into a Carnegie Cloud subscription. Word gets around that the training is valuable, and we see this as a very positive sign of engagement in our workforce.” - Sean Manning, Sr. Consultant, Leadership Development

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Eversource wanted to provide a leadership training program to employees that would bolster engagement and provide a clear set of learning goals. They needed an online solution that was flexible, interactive, and had enough custom components to empower learners to take charge of their professional development.


Using a Carnegie Cloud Silver subscription package, Eversource provided access to employees approved for professional development. Each employee was assigned the Advanced Management certificate path and could customize their learning by accessing any of the other courses available to them in their subscription.


Eversource has shown a savings on travel costs and demonstrated a commitment to employee development. Culturally the company has embraced Live Online training as employees from other areas have been requesting access to Carnegie Cloud. The company has seen 100% participation in this certificate path and intends to expand their program.

“We were looking for an online solution to give professional development skills to employees in a way that they could get excited about, and customizable so they could take ownership of their own learning path. And because it was virtual, it needed to be highly engaging to win over employees on the fence about training online. The quality of the training is second to none, I have yet to experience an online web training even close to this, where everyone actively participates together.”

Eversource Energy - Sean Manning, Sr. Consultant, Leadership Development