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DSV reached out to Dale Carnegie seeking a partner that could provide a solution that was different from traditional self-paced and on-demand training. They needed something that would allow their dispersed teams to connect and collaborate across offices and truly engage with sustainable skill development opportunities on a schedule that worked with their demanding roles and responsibilities.

How They're Succeeding Now

An increase in customer satisfaction resulting in multiple customer awards.

Top-tier learner engagement, utilization, and program completion.

Increased team collaboration and community across dispersed offices throughout COVID.

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  • Teams are geographically dispersed across the region.
  • Talent must be physically present to be effective and productive in their roles. 
  • DSV is a fast-growing and fast-paced company experiencing a lot of change.


  • A robust, flexible, and accessible program schedule. 
  • Live online trainers with real time coaching and social learning.
  • Easy-to-access learner progress reporting.
  • Administrative support and guidance.


  • Higher customer support and satisfaction.
  • Increased employee collaboration and productivity.
  • Top-tier learner engagement and completion.
  • Increased resilience and higher engagement through the COVID crisis.

"We had a specific need, and Dale Carnegie didn't just give us blanket training. They came in and they listened! They put a program together based on what we were telling them." 

DSV - Matthew Parsons, Director of Human Resources