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The Leadership Training for Managers course helped develop senior managers’ process skills and prepared them to more effectively manage projects, delegate work, and empower their people. The Dale Carnegie Course, which was open to both senior and mid-level managers, concentrated on further developing individuals’ confidence and communications skills. Dale Carnegie’s practical, team-oriented training approach helped unite the new leadership team and got them focused on setting performance goals for the company.

How They're Succeeding Now

The cross-functional collaboration helped to dissolve interdepartmental divisions and to improve communications, helping to draw the different areas of the organization closer together. Efficiencies gained through improved workflows and the increased delegation of responsibilities allowed managers to accept new staff and take on additional tasks without the need for additional layers of management. The more the company discovered what it had in common with itself, the stronger and more unified it became


Delta Dental of Arkansas is an organization rich in talent, but needed additional managerial skills. Many middle managers were not adequately prepared to fulfill all their day-today responsibilities and to resolves conflicts arising among their staffs, resulting in growing discontent and high turnover.


Dale Carnegie Training recommended a two-phased training approach - the Leadership Training for Managers to improve leadership skills, and the Dale Carnegie Course to boost individuals’ confidence and communication skills. The participants put theory into practice while developing business solutions to help improve Delta’s operational efficiency and productivity


Dale Carnegie Training helped Delta Dental identify opportunities to meet its operational, productivity and efficiency goals, reduce costs and improve its service capabilities. As workers grew in self-confidence, their productivity improved, and communication and collaboration flourished. As a result, Delta Dental reached record performance in operations and financial return.

"The Dale Carnegie programs are second to none. Last year, we had our best operational year, our best financial year, and our best year of growth in the company's history. That happened because our people had been very well trained to do their jobs very efficiently and to inspire others to do the same. Dale Carnegie has so much experience in this type of training worldwide."

Delta Dental - Ed Choate, President and CEO, Delta Dental Arkansas