Leadership Development Program

Three exclusive Certificate Paths to help leaders at your credit union develop their people skills, become better managers, and move ahead in their careers.  

Offering professional development paths to managers will yield:

  • Improved employee retention rates
  • Cost savings by reducing the need for mainland training
  • A stable leadership pipeline and more effective leaders 
  • Enhanced customer relationships and loyalty

Each certificate path provides your employees with 1 year access to a set of Live Online courses that they can take at their convenience, without the need to travel off-island.

Sold individually, each path is valued over $1,000, but is being offered exclusively to the Hawaii Credit Union League at a huge discount.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity for your team today!  Here's how:

1. Go to http://dalecarnegie.absorbtraining.com  

2. In the Signup box, click Redeem Enrollment Key 

3. In the Key ID field enter: HAWAII-CREDIT 

4. Click Redeem Enrollment Key. 

From there you can create your account and choose the paths you want to purchase.  Available certificate path courses below.


 A Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement (2 sessions, 6hrs total)
Focus on the business value of engagement: understand the steps managers like you can take to generate engagement and sustain higher levels of motivation among every team member -- even dispersed teams. 

 Getting Results without Authority (1hr Webinar)
Learn how to influence others by building authentic trust, credibility, and respect, thereby gaining their willing cooperation when you need it most.

 Leading Across Generations (2hr Workshop)
Get attitudinal insights and tools to help you turn the skills that each generation brings to the table into powerful performance drivers. Learn the approaches that will most often help you lead members of each generation, resulting in an engaging and productive work environment for everyone.

 Lead Change Effectively (2hr Workshop)
Examine the challenges of change leadership and the mistakes that often result. You’ll discover proven leadership principles to steer through times of change, including managing your own reactions. Draft a change leadership plan and become organized to face any transition.

 Managing Conflict in the Workplace (3hr Workshop)
Nothing can destroy productivity, derail projects, and damage your reputation faster than workplace conflict. Learn to diagnose conflict before it intensifies, apply appropriate conflict resolution techniques to specific situations, and remain poised when tension is high.


 Meetings That Work (2hr Workshop)
Effective meetings can save your organization significant amounts of time, and help participants feel productive.  This two-hour Live Online course is a much needed antidote for any person or organization suffering from poorly managed meetings.

 Performance Reviews that Motivate (1hr Webinar)
Performance reviews can cause anxiety in the associates being appraised and the manager responsible for them.  Identify the more than 25 "dos" and "don’ts" for an effective performance conversation, and follow a proven 8-step process for conducting performance review meetings.

 Secrets of Motivation (2hr Workshop)
To achieve your strategic objectives, you first need to learn what motivates employees to work to their full potential. Secrets of Motivation will teach you how to become a leader who is known for getting results through inspiring other people.

 Secrets to Leading with Assertiveness (1hr Webinar)
In this webinar, you will learn to build on your strengths, advocate for what you need to be successful and use the right language to do so. You will learn strategies to boost your confidence, 10 tips to build assertiveness and the Dale Carnegie principles of cooperation to influence and effectively lead.

 Step Up to Leadership (2 session, 6hr Workshop)
This program will smooth your transition from individual contributor to supervisor. You will learn the basics like delegation, time management, and performance appraisal techniques.  You'll collaborate with others in similar roles, gaining insights into the more advanced aspects of leadership.


 Create your Work-Life Breakthrough (1hr Webinar)
Often we feel that our lives fall out of balance due to workload stress, a workplace change, or an unpredicted event. By analyzing each aspect of our lives, we can identify potential stressors and plan a course of action based on what is truly important to us. 

 Disagree Agreeably (1hr Webinar)
In this session, you will gain insights into your personality and reactions when dealing with differences of opinions surrounding your "hot buttons." You’ll be able to give others the benefit of the doubt and use a formula to disagree agreeably with others.

 Dream Big, Focus Small (1hr Webinar)
Learn the importance of getting clear about what you want. You'll pinpoint with a laser-like focus the small steps that you need to getting big results. And you'll learn how setting SMARTER goals is key to overcoming obstacles and consistently achieving success.

 Managing Workplace Stress (3hr Workshop)
Do something about the destructive forces of stress in the workplace. Learn to assess your current reactions to stress so that you can stop worrying and start working up to your full potential.

 Powerful Conversations to Engage Your Workforce (1hr Webinar)
Great conversationalists are able to find connections with others by asking the right questions and learning others' likes and dislikes. Hone the skills needed to have powerful conversations that will improve professional relationships, build trust, and get real results.

 Remember Names To Build Better Professional Relationships (1hr Webinar)
Remembering names of customers, prospects, networking contacts, and colleagues is critical to your ongoing professional success. Identify the common reasons we forget names, and learn several fun memory development techniques to help you build better relationships. 
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