Develop leadership and communication skills to inspire and motivate others with the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course. View In Person and Live Online Dates. 

In-Person Training

Learn and apply proven principles and approaches from certified instructors who facilitate engaging, high-energy, collaborative classes.

In-Person Training

Learn and apply proven principles and approaches from certified instructors who facilitate engaging, high-energy, collaborative classes.

The world leaders for In-Person training

Whether you prefer a one-on-one session with a certified instructor, a smaller classroom setting, or a large seminar, we provide training options that best suit your style of learning. We offer a variety of hands-on exercises, role-playing, situational coaching, real-time feedback, and real world assignments so you can apply what you've learned through each Dale Carnegie course.
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In-Person Training

Learn and apply proven principles and approaches from certified instructors who facilitate engaging, high-energy, collaborative classes.


The world leaders for In-Person training



An approach that drives business results

Impact: Return on Your Time Investment

  • Our programs are designed to acclerate your performance and impact
  • Instructors combine facilitated exercises, individual presentations, situational coaching, real-time feedback & peer recognition
  • Appreciative inquiry approach that unlocks your full potential

Trust: Heritage of High Quality

  • Over 9 million graduates worldwide
  • Our trainers are dedicated to your unique personal & professional development, as they have been for over 100 years
  • We are ISO 9000 certified
  • Strategic partnerships with the industry’s leading member organizations, including SHRM and ATD

Gain the Latest Thought Leadership

  • You will learn from both the timeless principles outlined in the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
  • Our ongoing research on employee engagement, leadership & professional development are integrated into your learning experience

Local Options: Global Footprint

  • Choose from courses delivered at over 200 locations in 85 countries and 30 languages, by far the most in the industry
  • Training offices are located in key areas and offer a multitude of course dates and durations for convenience and flexibility to match your schedule

The Competency Based Development System (CBDS)

The Competency Based Development System (CBDS) is a configurable curriculum model that enhances flexibility in delivering highly customizable training solutions that maintain a consistent look and feel. This configurability presents a great opportunity to target the client needs, add measurable value, increase satisfaction, and impact client's key business issues. We have six curriculum areas that represent our core capabilities. Each curriculum area contains a variety of modules (over 150 currently) can be delivered in 90 minutes to three hours, depending on the importance of the topic and the needs of the client organization. The CBDS Curriculum Map consists of the following areas:

  1. Leadership Development

  2. Process Improvement

  3. Sales Effectiveness

  4. Customer Service

  5. Presentation Effectiveness

  6. Team Member Engagement

Within each Curriculum Area, there are a series of Content Categories. The Content Categories represent common areas within which a series of training modules may reside. The value of this design is that it allows for ease in selecting common and complimentary training modules to best meet the client's stated needs and strategic objectives.


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Open Courses

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High Impact Presentations


In this intense and transformational 2 day course, you will experience:

  • 7 Public Presentations

  • 7 Video Recordings

  • 7 Coaching Sessions 1-to-1


Course delivered by 2 tainers


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Mastering Your Personal Leadership


A respected leader is an effective leader. That’s why we teach methods that empower today’s leadership to exude integrity and engage employees, creating a more streamlined and productive business.


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Blended Learning

Our courses can be delivered in private (In-Company format) or public (Open format). They can be used for both stand-alone programs or as part of a blended learning solution, where some sessions are delivered In-Person and others are delivered Live Online.
Blended learning is a powerful strategy for many reasons. If well designed, it addresses more learning style requirements, a wider audience and increased performance or learning results. Making the best selection of method (media) will greatly enhance these results.

Tailored Training Solutions That Help Businesses Achieve Excellence

By assessing your unique needs, we create customized training solutions tailored to maximize the precise outcome you desire. Once a custom training solution is in place, you'll soon realize the full potential of a loyal, empowered, well-equipped team, armed with the skills and attitudes required to power high performance.


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