Andreea Rotaru (Bădescu)

Senior Trainer

Passionate about people, self-discovery, relationships and India. Favorite books and authors: "Childhood Memories", "The Story of Speech", Ion Creanga, Nichita Stanescu, Marin Sorescu, Salman Rushdie.

Andreea is a Senior Trainer, Coach and Specialist in Perceptual Psychopedagogy and has delivered programs for multinational companies in various industries - IT and Technology, Production, FMCG, Media, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Services, Logistics, Telecom etc.


Andreea graduated from 2 universities: the Academy of Economic Studies (REI) and the University of Auvergne (Economics in Business).

Andreea also graduated the following courses and qualifications:

Process Communication Model - Kahler Communication

Perceptual Psychopedagogy - CERAP France

Training Certifications:

Mastering your Personal Leadership, High Impact Presentations, Process Communication, Team Member Engagement.

Bachelors in coaching: Erickson Coaching International (in progress).



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