How to Win Friends and Influence People: New and Updated for the Next Generation of Leaders. Preview Chapter 1

Mark Roberts

Master Trainer

Offering a lifetime of experience in coaching and development, Mark helps people focus on the fundamentals of team building and workplace communication. He was raised in the Dale Carnegie business as his father owned a franchise in California. Mark is a Master Trainer, one of approx. 40 in North America.

As a speaker, Mark combines experience as a stand-up comic with pertinent, fundamental truths about self-confidence, communications, self-esteem, enthusiasm, and goal-setting for a presentation that not only entertains but inspires. He has spoken to groups of all sizes and venues across the country.

Mark has been a part of two internationally recognized Dale Carnegie organizations that achieved both sales and operational excellence, and led the launch phase of Dale Carnegie’s Live Online training division as its first director. 

Mark holds a BA from the University of California Santa Barbara in Speech Communications. He is married to his wife of 31 years and has twin daughters. He is an Amateur Radio Operator holding an Extra Class license, is building a Pietenpol Air Camper homebuilt airplane, and is a private pilot.

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