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Personal Leadership: Leadership Styles & Tendencies

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In this workshop, we analyze four leadership styles, or styles of interacting with others. We examine the characteristics of each style and take an assessment to determine our own leadership style. We focus on working with others across leadership styles to sustain motivating, successful relationships, and better results in our careers. The most important element of working across different leadership styles is our flexibility; our willingness and ability to see things from the other person’s point of view.

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What You’ll Learn

• Identify the characteristics of four leadership styles • Assess your own style • Work more effectively across styles • Develop a greater understanding of other leadership styles

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Why you want to learn it

We live and work with people who have a variety of styles. As much as we might like to, we can’t guarantee that everyone in our professional life is going to have our same style of approaching work, solving problems, and interacting with others. At times, we find ourselves working with individuals whose styles are nearly the opposite of our own. The ability to be flexible is the key to utilizing our understanding of the four leadership styles.

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How it will help you

These guidelines help us to remember what is at stake when it comes to being flexible and reaching across leadership styles. We can’t change another’s style, but we can develop increased flexibility to make the relationship as productive as possible. 1. Focus on outcomes 2. Adjust your expectations of the other person 3. Go the extra mile 4. Think through statements before speaking 5. Concentrate on the strengths in others

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