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Navigating Change Subscription Package

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This certificate path includes the following courses: 1. Adjust to Change (2 hr Workshop) 2. Build Trust, Credibility and Respect (2 hr Workshop) 3. Delegation (3 hr Workshop) 4. Lead Change Effectively (2 hr Workshop) 5. Leading Across Generations (2 hr Workshop) 6. Overcoming Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm (3 hr Workshop) 7. Strategic Planning Essentials: Prepare for Future Success (3 hr Workshop) 8. Succession Planning for You and Your Managers (1 hr Webinar)

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What You’ll Learn

This subscription package includes programs to help new and experienced leaders guide their teams through times of change workforce. You will learn to how to overcome the resistance to change, gain buy-in, develop an effective strategy for future success, and lead your team through times of uncertainty and fear.

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Why you want to learn it

Accomplishing your goals often requires a change in strategy when change is involved. Your ability to adapt to change, command respect, chart a course for the future, and bring others along with you is integral to today’s leadership role. Engaging others in times of change will increase your effectiveness as a leader, resulting in a more agile workforce that can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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How it will help you

Understanding how to convey your vision for the future and to help others become more comfortable with change makes you more valuable to your organization, providing you with more opportunities to grow and advance as a leader.

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