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London Leadership Summit

In Person

This unique event will host progressively-minded decision makers from a variety of industries. Attendees will be exposed to the latest cutting edge principles provided by the brightest minds from various high performing organisations globally.

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What You’ll Learn

The programme will focus on an array of business & leadership principles. We will be discussing how the best in each of their fields achieve success in; creating an effective organisational culture; strong leadership; negotiating under pressure; building influence; and constructive communication.

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Why you want to learn it

It's a competitive world and what your hear and learn will make you a better leader who can influence more effectively,negotiate to win and CONQA the competion.

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How it will help you

The programme will be focused and insightful, where the purpose of attending is to share knowledge, exchange ideas and allow for networking amongst a variety of influential people. Attending will help take you and your organisation to the next level.

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