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Leading Strong Teams

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3 Hour Workshop. In this course, you'll consider the best way to harness the individual strengths of your team members and turn them into team strengths. You will analyze the unique challenges of leading your particular team and explore ways to handle the kinds of issues that arise when leading talented, committed individuals who are working together for a common goal.

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What You’ll Learn

1. Establish continuous improvement by building on the proven characteristics of strong teams. 2. Capitalize on individual strengths to take teams to higher levels of performance. 3. Facilitate the interaction of diverse personalities on strong teams. 4. Leverage competitive spirit to gain cooperation.

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Why you want to learn it

As a leader, you come in contact with a variety of personality styles, preferences, and abilities among your team members. Everyone has a set of strengths that they rely on -- it's your job to spot and direct those strengths to the benefit of your team mission.

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How it will help you

A team with a properly engaged competitive spirit knows the strengths of its members and can communicate, cooperate, and generate new solutions with power and confidence.

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