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Leadership Essentials: Delegation & Coaching

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Delegation and coaching are major responsibilities for every manager, and for many they can be a major challenge. Building relationships that allow managers to leverage the capabilities, insights, and ideas across a group of individuals diverse in culture, style, ability and drive is the way to achieve these objectives.

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What You’ll Learn

Learn to plan and prepare a delegation meeting, delegate tasks and responsibilities and communicate clear performance standards for follow up and accountability. Understand the difference between supportive and directive coaching, how different personality styles will respond, and how to apply directive coaching to close behavior gaps. This program will demonstrate how to coach to create buy-in to achieve results.

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Why you want to learn it

Putting your team in a position to succeed and maintain performance standards pays off in more capable employees and time saved.

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How it will help you

You will demonstrate the delegation process to train and develop valuable team members while maintaining accountability and control. This program will give you the tools to get the best out of your team and drive business results.

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