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Dale Carnegie Course
This course will help you master the communication skills necessary to strengthen interpersonal relationships, develop a commanding attitude, and instill confidence and enthusiasm in your workplace.
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This program is a time phased, public class designed for individuals and small teams. The course enables participants to become effective at achieving personal and corporate goals and objectives. The focus is on strengthening self-confidence, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, managing stress, and handling fast-changing workplace conditions. Through this interactive and engaging program, participants learn to: • Build self-confidence • Communicate more effectively by being clear and concise • Build rapport and strengthen relationships • Give positive feedback to co-workers • Build a higher level of personal leadership • Empathize with others • Manage stress and worry
With these skills the individual or team is better equipped to perform as persuasive communicators, problem solvers and become role models to others. The structure of the program provides participants the opportunity each week to apply practical, actionable tools and techniques learned in class in their daily work interactions and situations. Each participant receives in-class and external coaching. Due to the different industries represented by individuals at varying levels in their organizations, there is a rich peer-to-peer learning environment. The results are employees and teams who are more productive, effective, and engaged.
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