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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

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Most of you work in settings where your managers have high expectations of you, and where your organizations require that you do more, better, faster, with less. The best way to meet those challenges is by creating strong teams, supportive relationships, and a cooperative work environment that fosters critical thinking. Using the Critical Thinking Process, you learn to pinpoint opportunities for improvement, brainstorm creatively, logically evaluate options, communicate more effectively and make informed decisions that will lead to success.

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What You’ll Learn

1) Communication Tendencies 2) Interpersonal Competence: Connect with Others 3) Identify Problems and Think Creatively 4) Logical Thinking for Problem Solving 5) State your Opinion with Credibility

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Why you want to learn it

When working, and applying critical thinking with a team trust is an important foundation. When you trust your colleagues, you have rapport, you are more productive, and the team can foster critical thinking and creative decision making.

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How it will help you

The tools discussed in this seminar will help you become proactive instead of reactive in the face of problems and move from possibilities to solution!

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