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Selling in a Post-COVID World

  • Are you having to sell now, but manage expectations that customers won't take delivery for several weeks or months down the road?
  • Is your phone ringing off the hook with incoming orders or do you having trouble getting meetings in a Post-COVID world?
  • Are your customers hesitant due to uncertainty?
  • Would you like to have more repeat sales?
  • Would you like to handle objections better?

What You’ll Learn

  • How to get the attention of prospects in a Post COVID world so you can get appointments.  "A salesperson without appointments is unemployed." - Morrie Norman
  • How to build credibility with someone unfamiliar with you, your product, or your company.
  • How to do a proper needs analysis that gets to the core of a prospect's needs.  Doing this often opens the door for repeated sales opportunities.
  • Most salespeople talk way too much.  Learn how to present exactly what the prospect needs concisely and convincingly.
  • Learn how to overcome objections & hesitation.
  • Learn how to ask for the business with confidence.
  • Learn how to reverse engineer your sales goals so you can determine exactly what you need to do each day / week / month / quarter / year to be successful.
  • Learn how to diversify the ways you prospect and find new business from new and existing clients.
  • Learn a process to act as a map for where your relationship with the prospect is from first contact all the way through asking for the business.

Why you want to learn it

This program focuses on giving the novice to the expert salesperson proven methodologies that easily adapt to modern and changing times so they can become a confident, client-focused trusted advisor to win more sales and repeat business.

How it will help you

Gimmicks and tactics like "Find the pain! Twist the pain!" are obsolete.  Customers today are too savvy.  By mastering a relationship-driven consultative sales approach, you can offer prospects value they can't find shopping on the internet.  Position yourself for long-term partnerships that yield mutually beneficial outcomes for you and your clients.  In short, this will increase your confidence and increase your sales.

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