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ASA - Winning Presentations in the Construction Industry

This workshop is part of the American Subcontractor Association Leadership Series.
A great presentation makes the difference between an okay meeting and a huge success. Whether virtual or face-to-face, this is the #1 skill you need now!
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This 2-hour Live-Online, Instructor-Led Workshop will help you create powerful presentations and meetings.

This course provides an overview and flow of an effective presentation style. Highlighting the ideas that make up a great presentation, let's practice together. We will emphasizes how we should present ourselves in any situation. Whether your listeners are prospects, clients, vendors, or employees, this course will be especially useful for people involved in consultative selling, vendor relations, and customer service. Sometimes Managers just need to find a better communication style to be more effective on the jobsite.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Ask thought-provoking questions that solicit "yes" responses.
  • Practice sincere listening to understand the other's needs.
  • Build rapport, trust, and believability instantly with your audience.

Why you want to learn it

Practice the very same skills that Dale Carnegie himself used to create generations of politicians, community leaders, and successful businesspeople. Acquire the tools that you need to speak confidently at your next meeting or presentation.

How it will help you

A presentation is one of the most important tools a professional has for getting things done and influencing others. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling to a client, energizing a team, or recommending an idea to senior leaders, an effective presentation can be the difference between your success and failure.

Supplemental Resources

Here's the link to check out the upcoming ASA Leadership Series available to all of your Chapter Members >>> https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en/locations/tampa-bay/asa

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cell/text 813-966-3058

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021 10:30 AM - 12:30PM (EST) 2-hour Workshop $299  $199 

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Or if you would like additional info, please email Robert.Graves @ DaleCarnegie.com or text/call 813-966-3058

This course is available year-round for those with a group of 10 or more, please contact Robert for special registration instructions and date options.

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Sep 15 - Sep 15
Time (EST)
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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