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Sales Training

Coaching Salespeople for Success

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In this webinar, we address the reasons for non-performance. We look at a methodology we can employ to improve performance. We practice a skill development process and timely feedback to ensure future effort. These combine to provide a process for us to coach and develop our team to reach the objectives of all stakeholders—the salesperson, the sales manager, and the organization

What You’ll Learn

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Sales Manager is helping the people on our sales team achieve their visions and goals in life. Key factors in accomplishing this are coaching and developing professional sales skills.

Why you want to learn it

Most people have a deep desire to improve and become more capable of handling the challenges of their jobs. Coaching becomes an invaluable tool by which we can help them overcome some of the obstacles that prevent them from accomplishing what they want or need to change; thereby opening up opportunities for enhancing their life

How it will help you

Most sales training focuses on product knowledge instead of improving performance in what salespeople actually say and do when they are in direct contact with customers and prospects. Improving skills in the art of selling starts with identifying performance obstacles, then using adaptive coaching to turn knowledge and skills into effective habits.

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