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Virtual Selling: How to Build Relationships Online (Live Online)

Price: $1995 USD per person | Duration: 5 session, 3 hours each

There are unique challenges that people face when they conduct a virtual sales call or meeting. Most people are fearful and hesitant, lack adequate preparation, and need more effective customer engagement skills. Sellers must learn to be more concise, communicate value, and accentuate the most important points for their prospects while keeping them engaged. In this Live Online program, you will learn the important skills of selling in an online environment.

What You’ll Learn

This Live Online program will give you the tools and techniques to help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression in your virtual meetings. It will familiarize you with the differences between in-person and virtual meetings, and the unique challenges of online selling. Preparing for productive online discussions, building your virtual presence, establishing trust online, and opening and closing virtual meetings are all key ingredients to successful online sales calls that you’ll cover in Virtual Selling.

Why you want to learn it

The good news is that online selling has leveled the playing field. Natural charisma, nice clothes, and other attributes that can provide undue advantages in-person lose their edge when presenting online. Only those who know how to present themselves online, master the skills of building virtual relationships, and create a trusting online presence will thrive in this new paradigm. Dale Carnegie’s presentation techniques are the key ingredients to successful virtual selling.

How it will help you

If you’re new to online selling or influencing others in a virtual environment, you need to understand how to navigate this new landscape. The opportunities and challenges are different from in-person selling and can ultimately make you a more efficient and effective salesperson, able to close deals you thought you could only close in person. Enhance your skills to get out ahead of the competition!

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Build self-confidence and competence to overcome the top challenges in a virtual selling environment.
  2. Become a Dale Carnegie Trusted Advisor for your customers.
  3. Engage buyers in a virtual environment using a customer-centric sales process.
  4. Demonstrate a compelling, executive presence with your customers.
  5. Create strong, strategic partnerships with your customers.
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