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Leading with Empathy: How to Inspire, Motivate and Keep Employees Engaged

Leaders are faced with competing demands depending on how we keep employees engaged or help them re-engage in the workplace. Some are comfortable to keep distance while others are driven to get back to a workplace more familiar. Further pressure is felt when we do not know when society will return to a more normal course of business.

What You’ll Learn

In Part 4 of this Leading with Empathy Series, we focus on How to Inspire, Motivate and Keep Employees Engaged. We will discuss the importance of engagement, the three drivers of engagement, and how we can implement two tools to drive motivation. This complimentary, 60-minute session focuses on:•Identify factors that impact engagement and motivation•Understand ways to demonstrate empathy and show employees how much they are valued•Learn six factors for relationship-centered leadership

Why you want to learn it

These challenges require Leaders to keep their people engaged, help them re-engaged and stay motivated throughout these turbulent times, and to motivate them to achieve outcomes from where ever they are located.

How it will help you

You will be able to better support your employees and company culture through proven techniques.

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