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**LIVE ONLINE** Leading Remote Teams & Virtual Meetings - Live Online Program

Use your creativity and newfound knowledge to build a strong, productive, and successful team.
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Three 2-Hour Session Program. In today’s digital world, home-working and teleworking have become reality for many businesses. But how do you build a cooperative and productive team if you can’t meet face-to-face? This three-part online course will teach you the communication skills to create and motivate a successful virtual team.

What You’ll Learn

Learn ways to foster an environment of teamwork, group effort, and collaboration. This program will help equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead remote teams and virtual meetings that are more productive and compelling. Explore ways to communicate effectively, regardless of format!Objectives: Solidify a productive virtual communication Schedule. Facilitate virtual meetings that engage and inspire. Present ideas with impact on a digital platform. Foster resilience in an uncertain environment. Build virtual teamwork to drive results.

Why you want to learn it

Communication is key to successful teams, but the way we communicate is rapidly changing. Since relationships are more naturally made face-to-face, leaders of virtual teams need to engage in practices that encourage teambuilding and camaraderie. This program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to reach that level of effective communication with impact.

How it will help you

Become a manager that keeps pace with the age of technology, utilizing a whole network of low-cost virtual communication methods. Prove your adaptability as you drive your team to foster relationships in unique situations. Use your creativity and newfound knowledge to build a strong, productive, and successful team.

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