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How to Conquer Workplace Stress

1) Implement four strategies to reduce fatigue caused by stress.
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People react differently to living with. Some become aggressive; others become passive; and some just shut down altogether. Regardless of the reaction, however, the results are the same; personal and organizational productivity grind to a halt, creativity dies, and momentum vanishes. How to Conquer Workplace Stress can help you do something about the destructive force of stress in the workplace.

What You’ll Learn

1) Implement four strategies to reduce fatigue caused by stress2) Make quick, effective decisions with a tested “magic formula”3) Block out stress and stay focused using “day-tight compartments”4) Understand the difference between positive and negative stress5) Cultivate a positive mental attitude and break the worry habit before it breaks you

Why you want to learn it

Learn to stop worrying and start working up to your full potential to become happier and more successful in work and life.

How it will help you

You will take away practical, simple formulas that you can apply the very next day to reduce your own stress levels and to help create a less stressful, more productive work environment for your group, department or entire organization.

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Jun 16 - Jun 16
Time (PST)
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Santa Ana, CA
Dale Carnegie of Orange County
1805 East Dyer Road, Suite 109
Santa Ana, CA , 92705
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