How to Win Friends and Influence People: New and Updated for the Next Generation of Leaders. Preview Chapter 1
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Leadership and Influence

Build trust and strengthen relationships across organizational lines

What gets in the way of organizational influence? Getting stuck “in the weeds.” People who react to emails, meetings, and requests may do good work, but lack broader influence.Imagine doing quality work while inspiring others to work with you. Consider the impact you could have if people with different perspectives and priorities trusted and followed your lead.

What You’ll Learn

-Build trust and strengthen relationships across organizational lines-Gain credibility and visibility for teams and projects-Collaborate with internal and external clients productively-Become a true consultant to stakeholders -Develop a personal reputation that will expand influence-Move from addressing tactical needs to developing strategic partnerships-Proactively listen to earn respect and trust-Evolve to a deeper understanding of broader organizational context-Present persuasive, convincing points-of-view-Provoke stakeholders to consider new approaches

Why you want to learn it

Innovative organizations realize that they will achieve greater results if their teams can communicate and influence more effectively across organizational boundaries. Resisting the temptation to work in silos, leaders need to form consultative relationships amongst their team and other teams. This includes the ability of an organization to foster movement and readiness in role succession so that trust can be sustained despite competing agendas. And it means that employees need to develop the confidence to challenge, question, influence and think strategically.

How it will help you

This program provides business professionals the skills to influence others to accomplish work objectives.

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