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Sales Training

Dale Carnegie Sales Training: Consultative to Consumer Relationship Selling


In our digital age where information about product and service is readily available, consumers want someone to assist them in finding and making the best decisions possible. Consultative to Consumer Relationship Selling is designed for salespeople specializing in business-to-consumer selling. This program helps salespeople connect, collaborate, create solutions unique to each buyer, gain confirmation, and secure commitment at all points in the sales cycle.

What You’ll Learn

In Consultative to Consumer Relationship Selling you’ll learn business-to-consumer sales strategies that facilitate the buying process through relationship-oriented techniques. You’ll learn how to construct solutions-based questions to qualify, determine needs and motives in collaboration with customers while offering insights and establishing value. Discover how to build trust, credibility, and respect in the initial stages of the sales conversation to later reduce or eliminate objections and minimize the need for negotiation

Why you want to learn it

The Dale Carnegie® sales process is established on a foundation of building trust and strengthening customer relationships. It provides structure to help newer salespeople get off to a strong start and to help experienced salespeople navigate current and future selling practices, especially as the buying tendencies of consumers have changed.

How it will help you

Consultative to Consumer Relationship Selling delivers the practical tools you need to close business in today’s business-to-consumer sales. Along the way, participants go through a transformative experience that will grow and sustain self-confidence along with belief in the value of your organization and your solutions.

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