Sales Training
Sales Training

Pivot to Virtual Selling Webinar


The sales landscape has changed, maybe forever. Face to face meetings where we had the opportunity to build and develop relationships and trust are now virtual. Sales professionals must be equipped to create a more engaged and connected virtual experience, which requires a significant shift in selling skills. Dale Carnegie has taught relationship based selling skills for decades, and we have refocused those skills for a virtual environment.

What You’ll Learn

This complimentary one-hour webinar will provide tools for your sales team to more effectively engage their customers in virtual meetings by helping them to: • Understand the difference between online and in-person selling. • Avoiding the traps of selling virtually. • Four keys that increase / define your online presence. • How to build trust on-line with your customers. • How to communicate value concisely and keep customers engaged in an online environment.

Why you want to learn it

There are unique challenges that people face when they conduct a virtual sales call. Customers and potential customers engage differently and are easily distracted. Most salespeople lack preparation and need different customer engagement skills. In this complimentary online webinar, you will learn how to perform in an online environment.

How it will help you

This webinar will provide you and your sales team with building blocks to increase credibility, create connections and build trust remotely to drive momentum and win more opportunities.

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