Leadership Training
Leadership Training

Leading Teams through Crises (Live Online Workshop)


During a crisis, even the strongest leaders must be agile in adapting their management practices and personal leadership competencies.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, participants will learn tips related to: - Being intentional in applying their personal leadership competencies - Maintaining balance in times of uncertainty and - Establishing a new purpose for their teams

Why you want to learn it

As a result of the unfortunate onset of COVID-19, we were forced to change our lives, at home and at work. As a leader, we need the tools and strategies to adapt rapidly to changes that are affecting our employees and ensure our team gets back to normalcy and a new-found purpose.

How it will help you

Attitude reflects leadership. If the leader has the right attitude and temperament during stressful times, this will transform the energy of the entire team. Gaining the tools and tips of this course will give you, the leader, the right attitude during these tough times.

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