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Engaged Employee Training Package

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This certificate path includes the following courses: 1. Carnegie Tales (On Demand Videos) 2. Communicate to Lead (Three Self-Paced Courses) 3. Create your Work-Life Breakthrough (1 hr Webinar) 4. Disagree Agreeably (1 hr Webinar) 5. Dream Big, Focus Small: Achieve SMARTER Goals (1 hr Webinar) 6. Managing Workplace Stress (3 hr Workshop) 7. Powerful Conversations to Engage Your Workforce (1 hr Webinar) 8. Remember Names to Build Better Professional Relationships (1 hr Webinar)

What You’ll Learn

Learn to deal effectively with challenges, minimize the negative aspects of stress, and influence others. The Engaged Employee training package provides the core skills an individual contributor needs to stay motivated, on task, and be an effective team member.

Why you want to learn it

Engaged employees are more productive and happier at work. By contributing to a more positive work environment, managing your time effectively, and learning ways to cope with stress, you’ll help yourself and your organization to thrive.

How it will help you

The courses are specially selected to help employees to become more resilient – able to shift when priorities change, and work through challenges with peers before they become issues. Everyone wants to work in an atmosphere where people cooperate and get along – this package will help you become a positive force for a workplace culture that’s firmly rooted in respect.

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02/1/2021 - 02/1/2022
Time: 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Duration: One Year Access to Live Online Programs From Date of Purchase

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