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Sales Training

Precision Cold Calling


Top sales people everywhere have found ways to make cold calling productive by maneuvering the modern obstacle course of gatekeepers, e-mail and voice mail that prevents most sales people from getting to the prospect. This information-packed seminar gives you a process that works consistently so that you can get more appointments and close more business.

What You’ll Learn

1. Ensure that prospects will want to take your call and ask power questions 2. Write and deliver a 45 second cold-call presentation 3. Use proven strategies to get past the gatekeeper 4. Leave voice mail messages that create callbacks 5. Secure meetings with strong email follow up

Why you want to learn it

Does cold calling still have a place in today`s technology filled sales landscape? Top sellers are making it a corner stone of their sales process along with social media, email marketing, and other sophisticated selling techniques. Today, it is not a question of should I, cold calling is absolutely necessary for survival.

How it will help you

This workshop will help you get more appointments, write more business, and take the stress out of cold-call days while improving your hit ratio.

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10/26/2020 - 10/26/2020
Time: 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Duration: Half Day Seminar

Santa Ana, CA 92705

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