Develop leadership and communication skills to inspire and motivate others with the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course. View In Person and Live Online Dates. 

Harris Teeter is well known for its customer service excellence. When the company needed a modern leadership program for new and existing leaders, they wanted to partner with a provider that held the same level of commitment to excellence as they did. 

How They're Succeeding Now

Social Learning & Flexibility: Harris Teeter partnered with Dale Carnegie to offer employees Dale Carnegie Unlimited, a live online learning subscription with a robust schedule that offered both the flexibility of online training and the effectiveness of live, instructor-led social learning experiences. 

Custom Learning Pathways: Together, Harris Teeter and Dale Carnegie developed skill building pathways appropriate to employees in different phases of their career to empower various levels of leaders across the organization. One of those pathways is Harris Teeter's Manager Development Program (MDP), which empowers every new manager to complete a series of courses in Dale Carnegie Unlimited to graduate from the MDP. 

Learning Adoption & Reporting: To simplify the process for Harris Teeter, Dale Carnegie's support team worked to build a solution that provided automated access to learner progress as well as a robust, internal rollout plan with ongoing communication to respond to learner needs as they transitioned to new positions. 

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  • Growing high potential leaders 
  • Developing leadership for modern workplace needs
  • Dispersed groups of employees
  • A solution to complement their already proven internal offering 


  • A robust, flexible, and accessible program schedule 
  • Live online trainers with real time coaching and social learning
  • Custom communication and launch plan 
  • Easy-to-access learner progress reporting


  • Reduced employee turnover 
  • Reduced training and travel costs 
  • Empowered and engaged teams 
  • Clearly defined internal growth tracks

"Dale Carnegie helps us move to the next level. The best part is the wide range of courses offered that let us personalize the development based on the individual needs or opportunities of our team." 

Harris Teeter - Rob Gullion, Training and Development Manager