Change Management: A Leader's Guide to Managing Change in the Workplace

Benefit of This eBook

Managing through change can be stressful, frustrating and difficult. Being prepared and using an organised approach can help mitigate negative conditions. The Dale Carnegie Training Change Model helps leaders prepare for change and encourage employees to embrace the change and drive positive outcomes.

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What You’ll Learn

Explore internal and external factors that drive change and how change impacts the organisation and its people. Set the right things in motion the right way, and avoid pitfalls while navigating the team through uncertain times. The 5-Step Model takes leaders from analysing though planning, and culminates with implementing and measuring the factors of change.


Why You Need It

Effecting change in the workplace can be unpredictable because people and processes evolve differently. The Dale Carnegie Training Change Model provides a step-by-step approach for staying focused and positive while integrating change throughout the organisation.


What You’ll Do With It

Undertake a thorough analysis of the risks and opportunities, monitor effects, and keep key team members well apprised of progress. Engage key individuals in determining adjustments that need to be made and plan for the impact of change. Ensure a seamless process and positive outcomes that show change is not the enemy!


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