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When it comes to developing people, Dale Carnegie Northern England is the Gold Standard in the industry. We have over 100 years of global expertise and experience and have developed over 9,000,000 people in over 90 countries. Our approach, tools and techniques are tried, tested and proven to deliver sustainable results.

We provide training solutions to the leading businesses in the area

We support a wide range of clients across the North across a broad range of sectors, supporting them in areas such as employee engagement, developing organisational talent, leadership and management development, sales growth and organisation analysis. Our programmes are transformational. They transform how people see themselves, how others see them and transform their capability. Our tools and techniques are practical and ready to use. We provide the practical operations manual and tool kit for people to transform their style and improve their performance through both face to face and on-line blended learning solutions. We have also supported many organisations such as Solutions PT, Brother UK and Revolution Bars Group in achieving awards and accolades such IIP and Sunday Times Top Companies to work for.


Dale Carnegie Northern England


Nathan McNee
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Selby, N. Yorkshire YO8 3SS GB

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