Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Measuring Employee Engagement in Dale Carnegie Graduates

Dale Carnegie Training recently conducted a study measuring employee engagement in Dale Carnegie graduates vs. a random sampling of 1,500 employees in order to find out how Dale Carnegie Training programs benefit individuals and companies. The findings from the study revealed that Dale Carnegie Training helped significantly with increasing employee engagement in the workforce. Dale Carnegie graduates were well above average in comparison to other employees in aspects of engagement, job satisfaction and overall relationship with senior management. It’s no secret that when it comes to creating high-performing teams, companies with engaged employees outperform those without, highlighting the importance of employee training. For more information on the descriptive data of measuring employee engagement, or to discover more about Dale Carnegie Training’s achievements in the area of increasing employee engagement, read through the infographic below!


An Employee Engagement Infographic by  Dale Carnegie Training

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Dale Carnegie Course

MSW/ASR Research found that almost half (47%) of employees that took the Dale Carnegie Course were actively engaged at work.  These findings are impressive when you compare to the general business population who is on 29% actively engaged.

The Dale Carnegie Course is increasing employee engagement in over 450 locations around the world. 

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Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

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Dale Carnegie Training & Employee Engagment

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Our founder Dale Carnegie understood all about the power of engagement in the workplace long before the term "employee engagement" became fashionable.  He knew what our latest research just confirmed.
A good leader makes people feel valued.  This leads to confident, empowered, enthusiastic, and inspired employees who are fully engage in driving the organization to excellence.
Dale Carnegie Training works with organizations, teams, and individuals to produce success by engaging employees in the following areas.
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