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Using Positive Reinforcement to Motivate Others

The economy is beginning to show signs of improvement. Although some industries have had tension eased by economic recovery, other industries remain under stress. When economic conditions are not entirely solid, it is easy for employees to become negative. To make sure employees do not become negative, all managers must help ensure their employees are engaged.


Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and less likely to leave as the economy continues to improve. One of the most overlooked and simple ways to engage employees is by expressing honest, sincere appreciation for their efforts. By expressing appreciation for the positive other people contribute, you will benefit as much as they will. The way you treat others is a direct reflection of the way you think about them. Train your brain in a positive direction, and you will find it increasingly easy to work cooperatively with others - even if they are negative.


Acknowledging other's strengths can also go a long way towards helping you get along with difficult people. Each individual's social effectiveness is rooted in his or her self-concept. When he or she is critical, hostile, or unkind, it is almost always because his or her self-concept is threatened. As a manager, you are responsible for fostering positive environments. This environment can require managers to work with employees and challenge them to change their attitude. So next time you give a compliment, instead of just saying "good job," offer a sincere strength comment that has the following attributes.

  • Identifies a trait that you respect, admire, or appreciate in the individual.
  • Expresses your admiration for the trait. •
  • Supports your opinion about the trait with specific evidence - something you have observed the person doing.


By making strength comments, you can build or alter a person's self-concept for the positive. Your work environment will be filled with most positive and engaged employees.



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