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Delegation Tips for New Managers

Step 1: Identify the Need – think for a moment about something that you do that is important to your organization that you could or should delegate. For example - something you are good at, something that you are still doing after your last promotion, something that eats up a lot of time
Step 2: Select the person to whom to delegate the responsibility, taking time to think through the persons capability, skill sets, and interests.
Step 3: Plan the delegation – before you delegate to the person, you need to be sure that you clearly know what the goals and outcomes are for what is to be delegated.
Step 4: Hold a Delegation meeting outlining specific results to be achieved; any rules and limitations (such as budget or time involvement); the performance standards to be held to, etc.
Step 5: Create a plan of action, to include realistic, measurable, steps that can be used to measure success and accomplishment..
Step 6: Review the plan with the person and reach an agreement.
Step 7: Implement the plan and offer full support.
Step 8: Follow-up by maintaining a positive follow-up system to be sure results are accomplished, but remember that a key to delegation, is to allow the person the freedom to accomplish the goal without you taking on the work.


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