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Leading in the Digital Age

The face of the workplace is changing.  More employees are working virtually, with multiple reporting structures to complicate the lines communication, and increasingly specialized positions.  How do you lead in an environment that needs to be super-efficient while becoming more dispersed? 

The resources on this page will help build your leadership competencies and create a team you can bank on.

Ten Qualities of Outstanding Leaders

Although individual strengths and abilities vary, outstanding leaders tend to view the world in similar ways. A solid set of values is particularly important, as is a commitment to ethical standards. The most commonly observed qualities in outstanding leaders include:
1. Leadership by Example - serving as an example for others. [more on this topic]
2. Visionary – providing a sense of direction for others. [more on this topic]
3. Strong Communicator – listening and considering as well as speaking.  [more on this topic]
4. Trustworthy- behaving in a consistent, highly ethical, and fair manner.
5. Calm – staying cool under pressure, especially when things go wrong.
6. Open Minded – inviting constructive dissent or disagreements.
7. Professional – being respectful both at work and in their private lives.
8. Clear Thinking – simplifying things to maximize understanding and minimize confusion.
9. Nurturing - showing respect for all people, their opinions, and their capacity to achieve important results.   [more on this topic]
10. Supportive- helping others build on their strengths and showing appreciation. [more on this topic]

Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Progression (Live Online)

We provide training for all levels of leadership.  The courses below can be taken in any order, and are designed to build on the latent skills you already posses.  Use the chart below to find the training that's right for your needs.

Strengthen Core Leadership Competencies

Experienced Leader Skills

Senior Leadership Skills


Leadership Guides

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For 100 years Dale Carnegie has been helping the most influential leaders in the world do what they do best.  Our unique Live Online format makes it possible to everyone -- regardless of schedule or location -- to train with world-class Dale Carnegie instructors, collaborate with peers, and build their leadership abilities.  Group pricing is available.
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