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The modules below represent two hours of training on leadership topics and can be delivered in a classroom setting, online, or as a blended solution.

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Leadership Development Program

Innovative ways to gain employee commitment to organizational objectives through workplace learning and leadership development.  

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  Module Title Content Areas Competencies
PDF Document Build Trust, Credibility, Respect Personal Leadership
Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism
Leadership, Values
PDF Document Building Employee Engagement Team Leadership
External Awareness, Leadership
Communication, Initiative, Teamwork
PDF Document Business Professionalism 101 Personal Leadership
Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership
PDF Document Coach for Performance Improvement Coaching
Accountability, Human Resource Mngmnt, Leadership
Influence, Professionalism
PDF Document Coaching Supportive & Directive Approaches Coaching
Results Oriented
Initiative, Leadership, Values
PDF Document Communicate to Lead Team Leadership
Accountability, Human Resource Mngmnt
Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Diversity
PDF Document Conflict Management Team Leadership
Conflict Resolution
External Awareness, Initiative, Leadership
PDF Document Delegation Team Leadership
Accountability, Human Resource Mngmnt
Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Diversity
PDF Document Developing Personal Leadership Personal Leadership
Interpersonal Skills, Leadership
Communication, Vision
PDF Document Ethical Leadership Organizational Leadership
Accountability, Leadership, Values
External Awareness, Professionalism
PDF Document Focus and Discipline Personal Leadership
Accountability, Leadership, Results Oriented
Professionalism, Management Controls
PDF Document Global Travel and Culture Personal Leadership
Professionalism, Diversity
Communication, Values
PDF Document Handling Mistakes Performance Management
Communication, Conflict Resolution
Human Resource Mngmnt, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership
PDF Document Lead Effective Meetings Team Leadership
Interpersonal Skills, Leadership
Communication, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork
PDF Document Leadership Communications Team Leadership
Communication, Leadership, Professionalism
Influence, Interpersonal Skills
PDF Document Leadership Styles and Tendencies Team Leadership
External Awareness, Leadership, Adaptability
Interpersonal Skills, Diversity
PDF Document Leading Strong Teams Team Leadership
Leadership, Teamwork
Accountability, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Results Oriented, Diversity
PDF Document Mentorship: Creating a Partnership Coaching
Influence, Interpersonal Skills, Vision
Attitude, Human Resource Mngmnt
PDF Document Mentorship: Launching an Initiative Coaching
Communication, Influence, Leadership
Human Resource Mngmnt, Initiative, Interpersonal Skills
PDF Document Motivation Organizational Leadership
Interpersonal Skills
PDF Document Motivational Leadership Team Leadership
Influence, Leadership, Teamwork
Human Resource Mngmnt, Results Oriented
PDF Document Multi-Tasking Personal Leadership
Initiative, Adaptability
Results Oriented, Stress Management, Management Controls
PDF Document Network Through Community Service Personal Leadership
External Awareness, Values
Interpersonal Skills, Adaptability
PDF Document Network to Build Business Connections Personal Leadership
Influence, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism
External Awareness, Initiative
PDF Document Networking to Build Your Personal Brand Personal Leadership
External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism
Influence, Initiative
PDF Document Networking to Promote Your Organization Personal Leadership
Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism
Communication, External Awareness, Customer Acquisition
PDF Document New Employee Orientation Talent Management
Human Resource Mngmnt
Leadership, Professionalism, Results Oriented
PDF Document Performance Appraisal Performance Management
Accountability, Results Oriented
Attitude, Communication, Human Resource Mngmnt, Interpersonal Skills
PDF Document Performance Defined Performance Management
Human Resource Mngmnt, Management Controls
Initiative, Leadership
PDF Document Planning Organizational Leadership
Results Oriented, Vision
Leadership, Decision Making, Management Controls
PDF Document Share the Glory Team Leadership
Leadership, Teamwork
Communication, Influence, Results Oriented
PDF Document Strategic Planning Organizational Leadership
Change Management, Leadership, Decision Making
Teamwork, Values, Vision
PDF Document Succession Planning Talent Management
Human Resource Mngmnt, Leadership
Change Management, Influence, Teamwork, Diversity
PDF Document Talent Selection: Criteria and Screening Talent Management
Human Resource Mngmnt, Decision Making
Leadership, Results Oriented
PDF Document Talent Selection: Interviewing Talent Management
Communication, Human Resource Mngmnt, Decision Making
Leadership, Results Oriented
PDF Document Time Control to Work on Your Business Personal Leadership
Initiative, Results Oriented
PDF Document Time Management Personal Leadership
Initiative, Management Controls
Human Resource Mngmnt, Leadership
PDF Document Vision, Mission, and Values Organizational Leadership
Values, Vision
Communication, Leadership, Teamwork
PDF Document Visionary Leadership Team Leadership
External Awareness, Leadership, Vision
Communication, Influence

Leadership Development Training for your Organization

It is important for all businesses to have effective leaders that can set goals, inspire others and guide an organization to success. Leadership Development is one of Dale Carnegie Training's six curriculum areas. We offer training modules that cover a variety of leadership training topics - such as leading strong teams and ethical leadership - that can help leaders develop within your company. Learn more about our leadership development training modules by filtering through our list of leadership topics.



Curriculum Areas

The competencies taught through our iMAP process are delivered through six different curriculum areas. Select your area of interest below to learn more.
Team Member EngagementLeadership DevelopmentSales
Presentation EffectivenessProcess

iMap Process

The iMap Process helps our clients better determine and measure their needs.  It is the process that we use to identify competency and skills gaps.  


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