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Our People

Dale Carnegie Training is all about growth. Our people are continually… 

  • Learning, building personal and business skills, and improving their personal and professional bench strength
  • Developing real, marketable skills while working
  • Working in an environment where every day can pose a completely different set of experiences and challenges
  • Exposed to a diverse business community as they work with people from hundreds of different occupations and companies
  • Using their skills to make an impact on customers, the people in their organizations, and their customers’ business success 
There is no better way to learn about any topic than to actively market it or to train people about the topic. Working at Dale Carnegie Training, you will learn the most valuable business and people development processes ever created.
As we work to resolve challenges that are changing every day, our highly talented and diverse staff community has proven to be an invaluable asset and has given us a huge advantage! Meet some of our people from across the world and let them tell you how they have grown personally working at Dale Carnegie Training!


Daniel Chai,Senior Trainer and Training Consultant,Beijing, China Robert Korp,Franchisee,Vienna, Austria  
Daniel Chai
Senior Trainer and Training Consultant
Beijing, China
Robert Korp
Vienna, Austria
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