Leadership Training
Leadership Training

Executive Readiness Experience

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Are your future executives ready?<br></br> Imagine being able to quickly develop the skillset, mindset, and relationships your future executives will need at the top. <br></br>The solution: project-based development with other future executives in the community. This highly interactive, multi-dimensional development experience is designed for high-potential future executive leaders. Participants are chosen by senior executives who have participated in the Executive Talent Forum. The Executive Readiness Experience cohort will better equip future executive leaders with the skills and mindset needed to succeed on the executive team.

ماذا ستتعلم

This year long, highly interactive cohort will experience seven phases of learning and personal one-on-one coaching between sessions. The experience starts with a kick-off meeting including participants and sponsors. Pre-Cohort work will include a 360 assessment, 360 debrief and review session and creating a personal development plan.<br></br> The every other month program phases are focused on the following.<br></br>*Phase One: Senior Leadership Presence<br></br>*Phase Two: Thinking Strategically<br></br>*Phase Three: Building an Accountable Culture<br></br>*Phase Four: Empowering Others<br></br>*Phase Five: Partnering for Growth<br></br>*Phase Six: Developing Business<br></br>*Phase Seven: Leading with Impact<br></br>*Phase Eight: Executive Readiness Reports and Celebration

لم تريد تعلم ذلك

This year-long interactive approach to Leadership Readiness will empower your people to expand their critical thinking, improve their decision-making, and broaden their world view. The experience will be made even more powerful as thoughtful executives commitment to enrolling a diverse group of leaders.

كيف ستساعدك

We trust you will agree that C-Suite Executives, have no greater responsibility than to prepare the next generation of senior leaders. Our communities are counting on C-Suite Executives to not take that responsibility lightly. Unlock your human potential, fine-tune operational excellence, and position your company for future growth.

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