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5 Tips for Running an Effective Online Presentation

Online presentations or webinars are now a daily occurrence for many business professionals.  This new communication platform comes with new rules.  Here are five things to keep in mind when planning your next digital presentation.  

1. Agenda: Prepare your agenda on a PowerPoint slide in advance and load it into your meeting. The agenda will create a visual reference for you and your audience. It’s a good idea to use the annotation tools to highlight and check off items as you go.

2. Invitations: Use the virtual meeting technology to send invitations. Invitations provide a link and the audio information necessary to attend the meeting. And invitations allow attendee’s to add the meeting to their calendars, ensuring they’ll join on time.
3. Speakers: Create a schedule for your speakers and manage the transition from one speaker to another verbally, much like a radio broadcast. Assign someone to keep track of time and to announce time frame intervals via the chat tool, timer tool, or verbally, depending on what is available.
4. Communication: Use the audio and the chat to encourage dialogue and allow attendees to comfortably provide input. Ensure each attendee is connected to the audio and can both hear and be heard.
5. Technology: Use the features of the virtual meeting room to enhance the meeting experience. For example:
a. If you’re working on files, share the application and view the document together in real time.
b. If you’re referencing websites, use the web share feature to view the website in real time.
c. If brainstorming is on the agenda, use the chat to effectively manage the process in a quick and organized manner.
d. If you’re developing a process flow, use a whiteboard and the drawing tools to demonstrate the ideas together and save it for reference at the conclusion of the meeting.
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