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5 Tips for Effective Coaching

Coaching an individual or team can be challenging even for experienced leaders. Everyone has different working styles and skill sets, so how does one build rapport and coach in a way that brings out the best in their team? As an effective leader, it's crucial to understand the coaching process.
  1. Identify opportunities and establish the desired outcome. The first step in coaching must be to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your employees. From here you can determine how these will benefit them in achieving a specific goal. With this in mind, you can tailor your coaching to their strengths, develop expectations, and focus on a clear outcome.
  2. Establish the right attitudes. By praising accomplishments, asking questions, and giving employees a fine reputation to live up to, you will be able to engage and motivate your team during the coaching process. If a client or another team member passes along praise for a particular employee in an email, forward it out to a larger group (including that employee) to publicly highlight their accomplishment.
  3. Provide resources. Do your employees have access to the equipment and software they will need, and are they comfortable using it? If they’re virtual team members, are you diligent in responding to email and chats?
  4. Schedule for practice and skill development. It can take time to develop new skills and learn new software, especially in a virtual environment. Always budget in plenty of practice and ramp-up time when scheduling projects for the people you’re coaching.
  5. Reward progress. Provide positive reinforcement for successful development and reward team members that have gone the extra mile. By doing so, you will able to motivate your employees to achieve even higher levels of improvement.
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