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4 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations

When providing your customers with exemplary service, managing their expectations is essential. By following these four tips, you will be able to establish a rapport with the customer, determine their wants and needs, and ultimately set realistic goals to leave them satisfied.


  1. Cushion with empathy. Acknowledge the customer’s issue and relate to their emotions through empathetic listening. Use cushion statements such as "I hear what you’re saying and what you’re saying is important" to demonstrate that you understand and care about their feelings.


  3. Understand the priorities. Ask questions to make sure you and the customer are on the same page in regards to their needs. Determine their expectations from you as well.


  5. Under-promise and over-perform. Set realistic expectations with customers. Make sure you can consistently achieve and exceed. It’s better to set reasonable goals and exceed a customer’s expectations than to promise the world and under-deliver.


  7. Check for agreement. Ensure that the customer understands the next steps and when they can expect a resolution.


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