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Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments focus on helping a team, department, or organization better understand those issues that are supporting good performance or hindering good performance. These tools provide a leadership team with a perspective of the current reality in the team, department or organization so they can work with their Dale Carnegie consultant in designing an approach to improve organizational effectiveness..


PDF_IconLeadership Profile Survey - Perspectives 

There are basic skills that separate Leaders from the rest of the crowd. Based on Dale Carnegie’s model of developing leaders, the Leadership Profile assesses these very dimensions. Through this organizational assessment,, front line employees rate their direct supervisors thus providing you with a clear understanding of the leadership capabilities. Using this tool will give you tremendous insight into the specific developmental areas needed to move your managers to the next level. It can be tailored to assess all levels of management—from front line supervisors to executive management.


PDF_IconOrganizational Effectiveness Survey - Perspectives

Successful organizations recognize the need for continuous improvement. The Organizational Effectiveness Profile is designed to present a broad overview of an organization, and indicate areas in need of further development. Using this organizational assessmentwill allow you to discover your organization's barriers to success.


PDF_IconSales Effectiveness Survey - Perspectives

The Sales Effectiveness Profile is used to identify what barriers your sales staff encounters when selling. The items on the Sales Effectiveness Profile assess two major areas: the characteristics of your sales force as a whole (people) and the effectiveness of the sales process (process) they follow.


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