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The Washington Post, Jan 31
#10 on Washington Post Best Seller List- How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
St.Louis Public Radio
“Carnegie made the kind of argument that it was not character and sort of inner moral fiber that mattered to be successful in the modern world, but it was more personal development, personality, the ability to handle people,” Watts said.
The Charlotte Post, Jan 30
"Engagement is directly tied to productivity and loyalty," says David Fagiano, chief operating officer, Dale Carnegie Training. "This coincides with ROI, which is the reason why every business should pay close attention to their employees and their well-being."
Fat Company, Jan 24
In Carnegie’s book, he has a list of “6 Ways to Make People Like You.” Two of them? “Become genuinely interested in other people,” and “Be a good listener." Encourage others to talk about themselves.
Libya Herald, Jan 27
Dale Carnegie Training Libya plans to offer a range of training, including in sales skills, presentation techniques and management.
STL Today, Jan 25
“Dale Carnegie is a quieter kind of influence,” says his biographer, Steven Watts. Carnegie’s famous book, though, is embedded in mainstream America, Watts says. Since 1936, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” has sold more than 35 million copies. “It’s one of just a handful of books in American history that really has shaped who we are and how we approached the world,” he says.
CIO, Jan 23
Piera Palazzolo, vice president of marketing for Dale Carnegie Training, agrees. "Look into their clients, recent news and business, their CEO, and mission. Have a good understanding and perspective on the company and what they do. Being well-versed in an organization's background will not only show you are knowledgeable and have done prior research, but it will also show your interest and passion for the brand," she says.
Results: 492 Article(s) Found

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