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Valor Economico,
Tarcio Lopes talks about Dale Carnegie Training Research Study
US Department of Labor
One of the first best sellers in the self-help genre, How to Win Friends and Influence People emphasizes the importance of interpersonal skills over professional skills in attaining personal and financial success.
Folha de S.Paulo
The index is above the world average (37 %) , but shows that companies still fail to communicate with employees , says Peter Handal, chief executive of the company. "You never know what comes first , but it can be said that the relationship between commitment and wage exists because of people earning good wages for being fully engaged", sais Mr. Handal.
Tampa Bay Times
"You have to treat employees as a valuable people with skills, not a skillful employee that we value. What does that mean? You treat them with respect. You listen to them carefully. You give them opportunities to advance, grow in the company. You do things as a leader through leadership development that makes them feel that they are part of what is going on."
Management Today, Nov 21
"I took the Dale Carnegie course long before I became a cartoonist and author. That training allowed me to make a fortune on the speaking circuit after Dilbert became a hit."- Scott Adams (Cartoonist & Creator of Dilbert)
Computerworld, November 20, 2013
One sign of a good negotiator is how he or she handles "no." Michael Crom, chief learning officer at Dale Carnegie Training, says most people give up too easily when they hear that answer. A CFO once told him that he’s always surprised when people walk away with a no, Crom relates. The CFO explained: “When I say ‘no,’ that’s when I expect to negotiate. ‘No’ is the beginning point.” Crom adds: “People can push back a lot more than they think they can.”
The Times of India, Nov 18 2013
Common interests amongst workers not only helps reduce work stress but also boosts optimism, positivity and team-work," says Pallavi Jha, managing director, Dale Carnegie Training, India.
Results: 469 Article(s) Found

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