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Inc, Feb 10
The most consistent mistake companies make in sales and marketing is to position their company or product as the hero of the story. If you want customers to buy, you must tell a story where the customer is the hero--not you. You should tell a story where you, your company, and your product play a supporting role in making the customer into a hero. As sales great Mike Bosworth once told me: "be the wizard who gives the hero a magic sword."
Inc Magazine, Feb 6
A conversation with Peter Handal, the CEO of Dale Carnegie Training, on the subject of giving great presentations. I've read (and written) plenty of posts on this topic, but Handal managed to boil everything down to these five essentials.
Market Watch
But trivia questions, problem-solving and brain-teasers — just some of the tasks cited in Glassdoor’s report — are the least of some interviewees’ worries, according to Piera Palazzolo, senior vice president for marketing at Dale Carnegie Training. The post-interview stories are becoming increasingly bizarre, she says. “People can be asked to sing a jingle,” she says.
Business Insider
In the spirit of Carnegie’s “Six Ways,” here are six habits from Dinsmore’s list, supplemented with timeless tidbits from "How to Win Friends."
Diversity Executive, Feb 2014
"Organizations that prioritize engagement and acknowledge the powerful role supervisors can play in promoting it can do much to enable successful diversity programs and build a more inclusive workplace." Mahan Tavakoli & Vicki Henson
The Washington Post, Jan 31
#10 on Washington Post Best Seller List- How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
St.Louis Public Radio
“Carnegie made the kind of argument that it was not character and sort of inner moral fiber that mattered to be successful in the modern world, but it was more personal development, personality, the ability to handle people,” Watts said.
Results: 490 Article(s) Found

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