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What to expect from Dale Carnegie Digital Webinars, Workshops, and Seminars

Dale Carnegie Digital’s public Live Online webinars (1-hour), workshops (2-3 hours), and seminars (4 or 6-session programs) are highly engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning programs. Expect to connect with and learn from other participants!

The programs cover a range of topics in curriculum areas such as leadership development, presentation effectiveness, customer service, sales effectiveness, and team member engagement. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about what to expect as a participant in these programs.

What is the Live Online experience like?
This is by far the most common question, and the hardest to answer.  Dale Carnegie has set the gold standard for online training, achieving levels of engagement and interactivity that rival many classroom events.  Our programs are rooted in Dale Carnegie Human Relations principles, which means that attendees will be treated like individuals.  In turn, every individual attendee must be ready to respond and interact with the instructor and program peers.  Don't be surprised when you are called on by name!  Further, we strongly recommend arriving 15-30 minutes early so you can verify your audio is functioning properly.

Our Live Online workshops and seminars feature interactive breakout sessions and small group interactions where everyone gets to share their experiences.  Read our Course Reviews to hear what others are saying, or better yet, enroll in a session today and see for yourself!

Which virtual training platform is used?
Dale Carnegie Digital’s public Live Online programs use the Adobe Connect platform. This platform is both powerful and easy to use, with a host of features that our designers, trainers, and producers leverage in delivering outstanding Live Online learning experiences. You don’t need to install any bulky software – you connect to your session through a simple link and it opens in your browser.
Never attended a session with us before? Test your system here:
What is the audio technology used?
We use different audio technology depending on the Live Online program type and duration.
1. VOIP: For Live Online 1-hour webinars, participants attend through their computer’s speakers (using VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol). There is no phone number to dial, as you can fully participate through your computer system only. All you need to do is test your headset and computer’s audio connection ahead of time to make sure you will be able to hear clearly, and thereby interact with the trainer, producer, and all fellow participants using the chat, whiteboard, and other interactive tools in Adobe Connect.
If you experience difficulty hearing the presenters, please first adjust your computer’s volume and verify your sound/speakers are turned on, or that your headset is properly plugged in. If necessary, disconnect and reconnect (leave and re-enter the Adobe Connect room) as this can very often fix any audio glitches. If you still encounter audio issues, please use the chat function in Adobe Connect to request help from the session producer.
2. Phone: For Live Online 2-hour and 3-hour workshop and seminar sessions, participants connect via telephone – follow the prompts to connect when you join the Adobe Connect session (choosing the Dial-Out option is strongly recommended). A good, clear phone connection is best to make sure you can hear the trainer and producer, and fully collaborate with your fellow participants (a landline is more reliable and clear than a cell phone.) As noted below, please do not attend using a speaker phone as this creates difficulties for the presenter, producer, and your fellow participants.
Billing and Customer Support: 1-855-820-9200

How should I prepare for my Live Online learning program?
Every week we offer a free, 30-minute "Kickoff to Online Learning" session. This session is a fun way to make sure your audio connection is good, how to use the interactive tools available in Adobe Connect, and how you can get the most out of your learning program. See the schedule of upcoming dates for this session.
Also, review these tips to success in the online classroom!
  • Turn off email, phones, IM tools and clear distractions from your training area.
  • Get into the game; participate! Prepare to be called by name.
  • Use the Raise Your Hand feature when you have a question or comment.
  • Be patient waiting for a response to chat messages.
  • If you leave the session, use the step away/step in button to let others know when you leave or return.
  • Eliminate background noise. Locate yourself away from other conversations, TV, music, pets, children, and coworkers.
  • Go to a private room or cubicle for the duration of your session.
  • Use a noise reducing headset and microphone.
  • Have fun and engage other colleagues in discussion!
What if I have difficulties joining my program using Adobe Connect?
The first thing we suggest trying is to copy and paste the link into a new internet browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). If you have many programs open, it may help to close them down. If you are logging in from your work computer, consider consulting with your system administrator. Some companies’ firewalls may prevent you from joining the session and access must be granted from your admin before it will allow you to log in. This is not typical but does sometimes occur.
Billing and Customer Support: 1-855-820-9200
Are the Live Online programs recorded?
Yes, all Live Online programs are recorded for internal review and training purposes. If you are a paid participant in a program and would like access to a recording of the session you attended, you can request that after the program is concluded and a link will be provided for 30 days after the date of the session.
Can you send me the PowerPoint presentation shown in the Live Online program I attended?
We are sorry, but we do not provide the PPT slides. However, most of our programs have a robust participant manual and/or handout(s) as downloadable files, and these often provide most of the content from the PPT slides.
Can a group or team from my organization attend?
Yes, but only as individually registered participants. Each attendee should participate via their own computer connection, and through their own audio connection (see above). We do not allow groups to attend via a single computer connection or speakerphone. Doing so detracts from the experience for both your group’s members as well as all other participants in the session: only individual participants can participate in the chat, use the whiteboard tool, etc., and speakerphones and individuals in conference rooms distract the trainer, producer, and other participants in the session.
In addition, do not share the link you receive to access the program with others. Each participant needs to be separately registered and attended individually to create the best experience for everyone.
For more information and to inquire about volume discounts, please visit our Online Training for Teams and Groups page.
What program communications can I expect once I register?
Once you register for a Live Online program, you will receive a welcome email with further information including how to access the Dale Carnegie Digital Learning Portal, login to your session when the date and time arrives, and access any program materials available.
If you have registered in advance, you will also receive a reminder email two days prior to your program’s date. After the program concludes, you will also receive a follow-up email.
If you find you are not receiving any of these emails, please check your email spam or junk folder as it is possible it was misclassified by your email application.
Billing and Customer Support: 1-855-820-9200
I missed my Live Online program. What can I do?
We would be happy to reschedule your class for you. We can provide you with a list of upcoming sessions of your class. Just let us know what date works for you and we can take care of the rest for you. (Note: as a matter of policy, we only allow one re-schedule.)
Billing and Customer Support: 1-855-820-9200
What are the system requirements for Windows and Mac OS?
  • 1.4GHz Intel® Pentium 4 or faster processor for Windows® XP or 7; 2GHz Pentium 4 or faster processor for Windows Vista®
  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (32-bit or 64-bit edition with 32-bit browser)
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended) for Windows XP or Windows 7; 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended) for Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Mozilla Firefox 2.x or 3.x, Chrome
  • Adobe® Flash Player 10.1
Mac OS
  • 500MHz PowerPC® G3 or faster; 1.83GHz Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor
  • Mac OS X 10.4-10.6 or 10.7.2 (Intel); Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC)
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox 2, 3 or later; Apple Safari 2x or later, Chrome
  • Adobe® Flash Player 10.1
Can I attending using my mobile device?
Yes, to some extent. You will need to download an app appropriate for your device, so please visit: 


Please note that some features are not available on some mobile devices.


What are the transfer and cancellation policies?

Transfer Policy: A registrant may transfer once without a transfer fee. Any additional transfers may be subject to a transfer fee.
Cancellation Policy: Dale Carnegie Digital will give you a complete refund if you cancel up to two weeks before your Live Online webinar, workshop or seminar begins. Please note, however, that cancellations received less than two weeks before the Live Online webinar, workshop or seminar begins may be  subject to a service charge. In fairness to all attendees, confirmed participants who do not attend their scheduled session forfeit the right to a refund, but will be allowed 90 days from session date, to contact Dale Carnegie Digital to transfer in to another course session date based on availability.   Dale Carnegie Digital reserves the right to cancel any of its programs.
Billing and Customer Support: 1-855-820-9200
How do I obtain my HRCI credit Program Code?
Many Dale Carnegie courses are pre-approved by HRCI for recertification credit.  To get your Program Code (Activity ID) after you complete a course:
HRCI_Approved_provider_logo1.  Send an email to dalecarnegiedigital@dalecarnegie.com with "HRCI REQUEST FOR CREDIT" in the subject line, and the following information in the body:

        Name of Student
        Name of Course
        Graduation Date

2.  Within 48 hours upon receipt of the email, and verification of the information sent, an official certificate containing the HRCI Program Code will be emailed to you.

Have questions not covered above?
If you have additional questions, please contact Dale Carnegie Digital’s customer service at or by email at DaleCarnegieDigital@dalecarnegie.com and we'll gladly assist you.
Billing and Customer Support: 1-855-820-9200



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