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Create Your Work-Life Breakthrough

Create Your Work-Life BreakthroughPrice:  $99
Length: 1-hour Live Online Webinar
Most of us aspire to live a balanced life. We want to spend the appropriate amount of time and energy in each aspect of our lives. Yet, often our lives fall out of balance due to workplace stress or changes, an accident or injury, an unpredicted event, or even a small worry that grows larger with each passing day.
By analyzing our current levels of energy and focus in each aspect of life – work, family, health, community, spirituality, social life, and finances – we can determine how satisfied we are with each, identify potential stressors, and plan a course of action based on what is truly important to us.
In this session you will explore useful tips and actions that can help you regain your sense of balance.

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Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to reduce stress and gain balance in their lives.


You will be able to:
• Use a balance self-assessment to identify areas of balance and unbalance in your life
• Identify common stressors that upset work-life balance
• Apply stress reducing principles to your professional and personal life
• Use the Balance Wheel to measure the satisfaction you feel with the time and energy you devote to each area of your life
• Determine actions you can take to improve your life in areas such as career, finance, health, family, social life, personal, community, and spirituality
• Commit to the actions that will reduce stress and help you regain balance





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