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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

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Appeal to Buyer MotivesPrice:  $99
Length: 1-hour Live Online Webinar
Throughout the sale, the buyer continually evaluates what is said and done. Buyers may respond verbally, physically, or emotionally to what is presented. These responses can be warning signals. Effective sales professionals recognize, accurately interpret, and respond appropriately to these signals. Often people seem convinced that our solution can help them, however they are reluctant to make a commitment. They may put off the decision or try to delay the process. As a sales professional, you can create a sense of urgency if you appeal to buyer motives.
In this interactive, one-hour webinar, you will learn how to gain commitment more easily by conducting the early phases of the sale skillfully. Over-emphasis on closing can feel like a manipulative technique to the buyer and can strain the relationship. The key is to build the relationship throughout the sales process by appealing to buyer emotions and motives. Doing so will improve close ratios and lead to more successful sales.
This webinar will help you:
  • Understand and engage the prospect’s emotions in the buying process
  • Create urgency that gets to the heart of a buyer's emotional motive
  • Build relationships so you can ask for the sale with confidence
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Who Should Attend

Any sales professionals who want to improve their close ratios and get more sales.


 You will be able to:
• Evaluate buyer perspectives to move the sale forward.
• Engage the prospect’s emotions in the buying process.
• Leverage best practices for advancing the sale, gaining commitment, and closing.
• Find ways to ask for the sale with confidence.


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