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November 21, 2013

Performance Consultant B2B Sales

Location Edina, MN, US


Mission, Values and Vision

Mission: Be the leader in helping people build relationships and influence others.

Values: We do this through selfless collaboration, radical creativity, personal flexibility, constant growth and breathtaking quality.

Vision: 10% or more sustainable revenue increase each year because we believe sustainable growth creates joy.


Company History, Location and Facilities

Norman & Associates is the licensed franchisee of Dale Carnegie Training® for the states of Minnesota, Iowa, and NW Wisconsin. As a third generation owner, Matt Norman, and Mike Scott have developed a committed team of over twenty people who promote, administer, and manage the process and nearly thirty trainers who deliver the training.  Currently, staff work out of the Twin Cities (main office) and Des Moines (secondary office), along with satellite offices in Brainerd (MN), Cedar Rapids (IA) and Davenport (IA).


The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has recognized Norman & Associates (as Dale Carnegie Training Minnesota) in its Best Places to Work list.  Additionally, for numerous consecutive years, Norman & Associates has earned the title of #1 franchise in North America and #2 franchise in the world.


Our Customers

Norman & Associates works with clients in Manufacturing, Financial Services and Healthcare, along with other various industries.  Recent top clients, in terms of total revenue, include:


·         General Mills (Food)

·         Hormel Foods (Food Wholesale)

·         Web Fillings (Technology)

·         John Deere (Manufacturing)

·         Cargill (Manufacturing)

·         KleinBank (Banking)

·         Coloplast (Healthcare)

·         Pentair (Manufacturing)

·         Ryan Companies (Construction)

·         Eaton (Manufacturing)

·         Short Elliott Henrickson (Engineering)


Our Services

Based on the last several years of success and current market trends we’ve aligned our services and focused efforts to meet the needs of our clients in the areas of:

1.    Skill Development  

2.    Implementing Change 

3.    Adding Momentum and clarity around strategy


This includes public and private courses, seminars, consulting, coaching and assessments.


Our Competitive advantage

We utilize a time-tested, cross cultural, cross generational Human Relations approach to our offerings.  Dale Carnegie has been in the business of improving organization performance for over 95 years.  During this time, we’ve had to constantly re-invent ourselves and our offerings to ensure we stay successful and competitive in an ever changing market—we’ve done this in our company and can bring this skill and experience to our clients.  We are also able to identify and adapt best practices from the world’s most successful companies. Our trainer/coaches are business professionals who have real world experience.  They must undergo a minimum of 250 hours of in house development before becoming certified.  The process by which they are certified is ISO 9001:2000 accredited and includes an annual recertification component.  This means that the trainers coaching our clients have attained the highest level of quality in the industry. 


We use a unique coaching style called Coaching in the Moment.   The trainer will identify ineffective habits or tendencies as they occur, offer a redirect or correction, and then coach for immediate implementation of a new approach.  This allows participants to quickly change their performance and raise their commitment to applying the new approach effectively in their work environment.   Our coaching creates performance breakthroughs in a wide range of key areas that affect the success of businesses throughout the world. 


Dale Carnegie Training has offices in over 80 countries and delivers training in over 25 languages.  With this reach we are able to provide a consistent solution for most client locations and deliver in their local language when appropriate.  This allows all of our client operations to advance at the same time and achieve consistent results quickly. 


The Norman & Associates business development efforts are team based with individual specialty areas that are matrixed by industry, client segment and geography.  1) Client Development Associates (CDA) function across all industries and focus on skill development with individuals and teams with established financing methods.  The CDA expertise is in connecting the objectives of courses and seminars offered to the public and to individual needs aligned with organizational outcomes.   CDAs drive marketing and promotion efforts through media and events that produce leads and result in larger organizational involvement.  2) Client Development Consultants narrow industry focus and work with training, HR and budgetary leaders to establish a business case for training, propose and manage projects/contracts and sustain impact.  The Consultant expertise is in connecting group development needs with business outcomes.  Most Consultants also establish themselves as strong trainers on the delivery side of the business.  Consultants identify and nurture relationships to produce long-term engagements and surface deeper partnership opportunities for Market Directors.  3) Market Directors specialize in articulating market leading points of view for specific industries or functional areas and positioning themselves as intimate and strategic client partners with a select group of clients.  Market Directors implement projects that include skill development but also support organizational development like culture, structure, strategy, process and change.  4) Area Managers manage all three levels previously described for a multi-town mid to small market territory, along with the delivery of most projects.  These four roles are supported by the Quality and Process Team. This team focuses on conducting delivery, supporting the sale of large and/or complex projects, ensuring consistency and improvement of quality, diagnostics and measurement analytics/tools and leading market analysis and point of view reflected in marketing, sales and delivery.





Client Development Associate (CDA):

CDAs sell public program participation of individuals and teams by prospecting individuals with a defined funding source or budgetary leaders with a record of supporting individual and team participation in 3rd party training.   High phone, email and meeting activity are needed in this role to find the people that are looking for or open to skill improvement.




Area 1: Product and Professional Development Understanding

  • Demonstrate strong understanding in all core assessments, courses and seminars
  • Explain and discuss the major outcomes of core programs
  • Understand common corporate performance management and tuition assistance methods  

Area 2: Sales Planning and Prospecting

  • Identify accounts and individuals along with timing and approach for connecting 
  • Conduct sufficient research on clients and prospects
  • Develop a plan for weekly activity management
  • Conduct individual and team sales meetings (including "preview" meetings)
  • Support client sustainability and reinforcement (including "pre" and "post" meetings)
  • Generate referrals and spheres of influence
  • Participate in community, associations and Dale Carnegie worldwide events
  • Speak for associations and large companies to gain exposure
  • Service clients so they love working together
  • Manage information and use CRM system  

Area 3: Public Program and Marketing Support

  • Participate in all core programs
  • Serve as a coach quarterly after participation
  • Attend Session 1 and Graduation events
  • Lead select marketing and promotion events




The ideal candidate for this position is passionate about people and the impact of Dale Carnegie Training courses.  Candidate must demonstrate confidence, strong people and communication skills, a desire for continuous improvement, empathy, organizational skills, and high capacity for sales activity.  Bachelor degree is required to comply with college accreditation status.


The pay for this position is a base salary plus quarterly bonus reflective of team and individual sales contribution.  A full benefits package includes: group health, life insurance, long-term disability, exercise room, potential to attend international convention, paid time off and family scholarships.



Posting Closes November 22, 2013.

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