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January 03, 2013

Performance Consultant B2B Sales

Location Davenport, IA, US

Client Development Associate:

CDAs sell public program participation of individuals and teams by prospecting individuals with a defined funding source or budgetary leaders with a record of supporting individual and team participation in 3rd party training.   High phone, email and meeting activity are needed in this role to find the people that are looking for or open to skill improvement.




Area 1: Product and Professional Development Understanding
·      Demonstrate strong understanding in all core assessments, courses and seminars
·      Explain and discuss the major outcomes of core programs
·      Understand common corporate performance management and tuition assistance methods
Area 2: Sales Planning and Prospecting
·      Identify accounts and individuals along with timing and approach for connecting
·      Conduct sufficient research on clients and prospects
·      Develop a plan for weekly activity management
·      Conduct individual and group sales meetings (including "preview" meetings)
·      Support client sustainability and reinforcement (including "pre" and "post" meetings)
·      Generate referrals and spheres of influence
·      Participate in community, associations and Dale Carnegie worldwide events
·      Speak for associations and large companies to gain exposure
·      Service clients so they love working with us
·      Manage information and use CRM system
Area 3: Public Program and Marketing Support
·      Participate in all core programs
·      Serve as a coach quarterly after participation
·      Attend Session 1 and Graduation events
·      Lead select marketing and promotion events
The ideal candidate for this position is passionate about people and the impact of Dale CarnegieTraining courses. Candidate must demonstrate confidence, strong people and communication skills, a desire for continuous improvement, empathy, organizational skills, and high capacity for sales activity. Bachelor degree is required to comply with college accreditation status.
The pay for this position is a base salary plus monthly bonus reflective of team and individual sales contribution. Expected first year pay is $43,000+ with significant opportunity to grow in subsequent years. A full benefits package includes: group health, life insurance, long-term disability, potential to attend international convention, paid time off and family scholarships.


780 Third Ave C-1, New York, NY 10017, US
P. | Toll Free. 800.231.5800

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