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March 08, 2013

Independent Dale Carnegie Training Professional

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Become an Independent Certified Dale Carnegie Training Professional

Are you a high-flying sales consultant & trainer who wants to be associated with a top Brand in the training industry?
Are you looking for an opportunity where you are answerable to no one but yourself?
Do you want to create an income that is driven by your own initiative and abilities?
If you answered "yes" to these questions, why don’t you join the Dale Carnegie global network as an Independent Dale Carnegie Training Professional.
Warren Buffet has said that the Dale Carnegie Course was the most valuable business experience he has ever had!. You too can give this experience to companies and individuals in your area. For over 100 years Dale Carnegie Training has been assisting companies and individuals identify and develop their talents, skills and abilities. Our clients tell us that we've helped them find the strength to be more entrepreneurial, communicate with power, and make a difference in their organizations and their lives.
With this successful track record and the Dale Carnegie brand you are embracing a rewarding opportunity without limits.
Certified Dale Carnegie Training Professional Application:
There are MANY benefits and rewards of being a Dale Carnegie Training Professional. There are also some realities that we would like you to explore before submitting your application.
Please take a moment to review and respond to these questions as they will cover some of the core requirements.
Business Acumen:
Successful Dale Carnegie Professionals are credible business people sharing business ideas and solutions with other business people. Those that have a strong performance record in sales/leadership and/or business ownership will find this a rewarding element of the role.
Is there anything about this requirement that would make it unlikely you could fulfill this  role?
Business Development:
Successful Dale Carnegie Professionals have the ability to create strong client relationships but also consistently prospect for new business. The ability to develop new business is extremely important and will include very proactive business development tactics like industry specific cold calling.
Is there anything about this that would make it unlikely that you would want to do this level of business development?
Pay for Performance:
Successful Dale Carnegie Professionals are excited to create their own income and enjoy an environment where they control their income potential. This also means that a static income is not something our franchisees should expect. Those that follow our business strategies, sales process and work diligently can do very well financially, but a variable income is not for everyone.
Is there anything about variable pay that would make it unlikely for you want this role?
Variable Work Schedule:
Successful Dale Carnegie Professionals find the need to work evenings and weekends in order to attend trade functions, training events, meetings and other sales and business related functions in their community.
Is there anything about your obligations that would make you un-available for this type of variable work schedule?
Client Confidentiality:
Our clients have certain requirements of our people from a legal and liability point of view. For that reason we require that our people have a clean criminal history and must be bondable.
Is there anything about your history or a criminal record that might affect your selection for this role?



Business Experience and Requirements:
  • Minimum of 5 years successful B2B selling
  • Ability and desire to work independently
  • Extraordinary presentation skills
  • Established business connections in the franchise territory
An initial training fee of $5,000 will allow you to become a Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer, it will also give you access to all our course material.
The ability to sustain yourself for several months while you build the business
Training and Support:
You will receive extensive training in all aspects of selling and delivering Dale Carnegie offerings. This includes:
  • Sale Academies I, II and III
  • Marketing Academy
  • Trainer Academy


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